Rumour Has It


It is elevation time and the buzz in the corridors of the Karnataka High Court is when the lucky eight ascend the coveted Bench. There are eight names which are doing the rounds since the past 4 months and not a day has passed without this issue being discussed.

A N Venugopal Gowda, Lobo, Narayanswamy, A S Pachapure, Ravi Malimath, Nagarathna and two others whose names keep changing each day.

Well all these men may be men of honour, but the real test would be when they ascend the Bench and begin the justice delivery system. However this issue is a little too early to discuss.

When the Intelligence Bureau cleared these names and sent the report to Justice K G Balakrishnana, the Honarable Chief Justice of India, each one thought that it was done. However, the rumour mills began to spin and it was being said that three of the names have been returned due to various problems ranging from gender hassles to corruption.

A fortnight passed with the same version, when another advocate shot of this rumour while saying that the three names which had initially come back had been cleared. However three others have now run into problems.The reasons this time were that there were underage.

As the rumours began to die down, one thing became clear and that was that these people who are on the elevation list were divided and it was their factions and camps which were spreading the rumours.

However now one advocate disgruntled with the manner in which the elevation was done has come out with the latest. And guess what that would be? The President of India, Mr Abdul Kalam has sent back all 8 names. The reason assigned was that he was laying down office and hence thought it would be best if the new man signed the dotted line appointing the coveted eight.

What is the final outcome of this? There is a severe shortage of judges in the High Court. Infact we are short exactly by 8 judges and this dilly dallying is only a cause for concern. One of the advocates whose name is on the list had told me some time back that the pendency of cases is growing on one hand and on the other there is this delay.

Well Mr Future Justice, once on the Bench do you swear on oath that you will not dilly dally while imparting justice? That is a million dollar question.


One Response to Rumour Has It

  1. jeethu says:

    Do these things keep happening

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