Number 6 Tughlaq Road

 By Devil’s Advocate

Superstition is not something new in the judiciary. There are judges in the Karnataka High Court who prefer their chambers to be facing a particular direction.

The judges of the Kerala High Court had also once decided not to use court hall-13 for superstitious reasons. This matter however did not end over there and was taken right up to the Supreme Court of India by an advocate who one could say was anti-superstition. The result was a dressing down by the Lords of the highest court of the land and along with came a direction to start using court hall-13 with immediate effect.

However here is a bit of information on the superstition that surrounds the judges of the Supreme Court. Well read through it and I can assure that you will be as surprised as me.


No 6, Tughlaq Road, New Delhi: A residence on this road was earmarked for the judges of the Supreme Court. Alloted in 1980, this house lies vacant today with none of the judges willing to occupy it.

Here is how the story goes.

It is said and believed that the wives of the judges residing in this house contract cancer.

It all started with Justice K Ramaswamy who occupied the house first. His wife died of cancer. The house was then occupied by Justice Srinivasan. His wife too fell ill and later died of cancer. The house was then occupied by the former Chief Justice, Y K Sabharwal. Sadly, his wife too contracted the dreaded disease and passed away.
Next, it was the turn of a sitting SC judge from Punjab. His wife too has reportedly contracted cancer now. After him, a newly-appointed judge occupied the house. However, two months later a similar fate befell one of his family members, following which he decided to vacate the house.
Foxed, the SC has written to the Centre to withdraw the house immediately from its pool.

“However much we may say that we are not superstitious, none has the guts to fight the unknown.’’

Think about it


11 Responses to Number 6 Tughlaq Road

  1. chaitanya says:

    I dont beleive this one bit. Did you cook it up

  2. man machine says:

    Man this cant be true, Nice story anyways ha ha ha

  3. satish says:

    A good example of judges living in glass house should not throw stones. What a crazy plus scary story. It gives me the jitters. anyway nice to know that judges are humans too

  4. sonal says:

    My God, what a creepy story

  5. crazykiyare says:

    Hey nothing to make fun of. These judges had a problem and the author is trying to mock them. Unfair article

  6. kala says:

    Absolute double standards by the judges of the supreme court. However cant blame them too much either, if the hall in kerala was not being used, then somebody had to drill sense into their heads

  7. venkat says:

    Judges and double standards go hand in hand

  8. karat says:

    i say chaps this is a great read

  9. thecoorg says:

    Superstition or multiple instances of coincidence they all add up to suspicion in the human mind. I guess this house is only for bachelors.

  10. Neetu says:

    This is indeed spooky! Cant imagine such instances of coincidence…It probably is psychological but still does not explain contracting a disease , if it was some spirit it was understandable…Has anybody tried any research? What do the experts say?

  11. Vrksha says:

    Excellent….! After going through number 6, Tughlaq Road…..I feel, its a sad fate of our lords. Anyway, I suggest that our lords dwell there instead of writing to govt to withdraw that bungalow. They should think that others are human beings too.

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