Mind Your Language My Lord

By Devil’s Advocate 

There is a need to set up video cameras in the court halls. This probably is one demand that the Lords will not give into. Well why should they? None of them like going public about their circus in the courts.

Now here is one incident in which a judge had summoned the Chief Secretary of the State in connection with a certain matter. However the Chief Secretary could not make it due to certain engagements in New Delhi. Some clerks from his office had come to the court instead with files pertaining to the matter. They also intended telling the court about why the Chief Secretary was unable to make it.

The judge however did not take it lightly and went on a tangent. His comments go like this. “Why isn’t the Chief Secretary present? Why are these “LOW PAID” clerks before me?”

Outrageous as it may seem, this is exactly what transpired in His Lordship’s court. Can you guess who the judge could be? Well our guess is as good as mine.

Now were these comments necessary? Absolutely not. Who can control such talk? Well if you think it is the Supreme Court, then think again. There is enough such talk happening in New Delhi too.

The concept of making court proceedings more transparent is surely the need of the hour. On one hand each judge likes to claim that he is tech savvy. But on the other they are very slow in adapting to the latest. Approve the fixing of a close circuit cameras in the courts. Well if there is nothing to hide then why not a camera in court?

Think about it



10 Responses to Mind Your Language My Lord

  1. kiran says:

    Some arrogance this. But these clerks deserve it. One must not forget the way they treat us when we go to their offices

  2. krishna says:

    Who is the judge

  3. satish says:

    Guess its time to fix the cameras so that proceedings are more transperent

  4. Vaish says:

    I think I know who the judge is. Is this Ram Mohan Reddy. Well who else can talk that way

  5. Bhat says:

    Well vaish are u sure it is Reddy

  6. Mohan says:

    Justice Reddy only talks and does not pass any orders. If they have so much guts to talk like that then why should they mind having video cameras over there

  7. shanthu says:

    Hopeless comment. The judges are getting too arrogant

  8. Rinki says:

    The tax paid by the so called “low Paid” workers is what the Judges are so proud to be earning as their salary!

  9. Vrksha says:

    they think tht they can talk anything being a judge as no one is questiong them. i feel very sad to have this judge in my community. media is the only one which can have a control over such loose tounged judges.

  10. navkesh batra says:

    “LOW PAID CLERKS” – If judges look at one who is “LOW PAID” as a person without dignity, what do they see in the mirror? What if Advocates or litigants referred to judges as briefless lawyers or LOW PAID JUDGES ?

    Perhaps, its low self esteem that makes some judges such despicable human beings.

    Or perhaps it reveals what that judge values most :- filthy lucre – moolah – mamool.

    Well, I do not know who the judge is, but am not surprised.
    Nastiness, irreverence, irrelevance, insensitivity, shallowness, favouritism, perversity, corruption in all forms, arrogance, offensiveness, absence of reason, lack of accountability, RULE THE ROOST.

    Forget knowledge of the law :- equality before the law, human dignity etc., now even common sense, humanity and decency are casualties.

    Since 2003 I have been saying –

    (a) repeal the Contempt of Courts Act – we dont need a contempt law;

    (b) make judges accountable and remove all judicial immunity;

    (c) get all Court proceedings videographed and made freely available;

    (d) bring in total transparancy in appointment of judges;

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