Cyriac Vs Class

By Devil’s Advocate

There is nothing new about humour in the judiciary. Infact humour is quite a need of the hour in the judiciary considering the fact that both judges and lawyers do nothing but read voluminous records, citations etc which could get quite boring.

However, one must not forget that the line has to be drawn somewhere. Well if this is not done then you may end up the Cyriac way. Remember, the Bar Council had passed a resolution against his naughty jokes. The issue had become so hot that Chief Justice Cyriac Joseph was put to shame.

Here are the jokes cracked by the CJ and below those are another set of jokes, which in my opinion is the real humour in judiciary. When I say real, I mean humour with class.

 Cyriac’s jokes:

 A lady advocate sought an adjournment. While trying to indicate how busy she was, she told the CJ, “My Lord I am much tied up. One leg is in Delhi while the other in Tamil Nadu.” Justice Joseph however had the last word. He shot back by saying, “well then Madhya Pradesh may be having all the fun.”

 At the oath ceremony of the newly enrolled advocates, Justice Joseph said with a glitter in his eyes, “the look on all your eyes reminds me of a first night. “ Nervous yet excited.” Let us not forget, the new advocates were sitting with their anxious parents.

Jokes with class
Justice A R Grover was once attacked by an insane person in the court hall as a result of which he was injured on the head. Former Attorney General C K Daftari, during a meeting with Justice Grover, expressed his sympathy later said, “such a dastardly attack, why do these always choose the softest part?”

Justice Kuldeep Singh, while hearing an argument, questioned senior advocate G Ramaswamy, “Do you think we are fools sitting here?” To which Ramaswamy replied, “My Lord, you have put me in an embarrassing position. I will be hauled up for contempt if I say yes and will be pulled up for perjury if I say no.”

While Alladi Krishnaswamy, senior advocate, was arguing a matter, his pants slipped down. He immediately covered himself with his robes. When the Judges on the Bench told him about his pants, Mr. Krishnaswamy replied, “When I am arguing such an important your lordships vision is drawn to such an insignificant thing.”

When a matter pertaining to a student was being argued before former Chief Justice of Karnataka N K Sodhi, the lawyer pointed out that his client was being put to hardship. The client who was quite afraid to come into court preferred to stand outside. As arguments advanced, the lawyer told the court, My Lord my client is outstanding and hence the order may be passed in his favour.  To which Justice Sodhi replied, “is that why he is standing outside?”

 NC Raghavachari, who is considered to be a doyen on Hindu Law and has written several books on the issue, was arguing before the Karnataka High Court on a matter pertaining to Hindu Law. The judges on the Bench were referring to a book on Hindu Law written by him. During the course of hearing, the judge remarked, “Mr. Ragavachari, what you are arguing is totally contrary to what you have written in the book. Where is that point?” He replied, “It is in the latest edition.”  “Where is the latest edition,” the judge asked. To which he shot back, “I am the latest edition.

The members of the Delhi Bar were discussing the controversial number, “Choli ke peeche kya hai.” Just then, senior advocate Soli Sorabjee walked by with a pretty girl behind him. The minute he was out of sight the song was amended to, “Soli ke peeche kya hai.”

Senior counsel Ram Jethmalani is often questioned about his two wives. To a persistent questioned by a television anchor on this issue, Mr. Jethmalani remarked, the second marriage was at a time when the laws on polygamy did not exist.” However the anchor was not too happy with the answer and continued to grill him. Fed up with the grilling, Mr. Jethmalani shot back, “my second wife is happier than your only wife.”

At a programme in the High Court, a lawyer once joked.” A lawyer and shark were caught together in the water. Why didn’t the shark eat the lawyer?” The answer,” professional courtesy”



24 Responses to Cyriac Vs Class

  1. shanthu says:

    The CJ;s jokes are disgusting. I cant imagine a constitutional authority speak that way. Guess he should have been entertaining at some live band

  2. Azimk says:

    I was the CJs court the other day. He has a sad sense of humour

  3. kiran says:

    What is the harm in a little bit of humour. However one should not cross the limits

  4. tarun says:


  5. ganesh says:

    what jokes. Pretty sad. But why are you hell bent upon the crucifying the CJ.

  6. ramesh says:

    Superb. The comparrison drawn was great. Shows the Chief in poor light

  7. rags says:

    Judges need to have a sense of humour, but I dont know what happens to them when it comes to drawing the line

  8. madness says:

    Really funny. However the jokes by the CJ are more of bar jokes. When I say Bar i mean the real Bar.

  9. munnabhai says:

    I say man, this is a little hard to believe. What does the CJ think he is doing. Are his orders funny too

  10. joe says:

    Hi I just logged on to this blog today.I do not know who this Joseph is. Since you are saying CJ, I feel that his comments are crazy and unbecoming of a judge

  11. sal says:

    Absolute madness what a judiciary

  12. shravan says:

    Hey Ganesh no body is crucifying the CJ. He has crucified himself

  13. machine says:

    Jethmalani is too cool

  14. crazy guy says:

    I preferred Cyriac’s jokes

  15. Sinha says:

    Good one

  16. Karat says:

    Stupid article. Please post something more sensible

  17. james says:

    I totally agree with you Karat.

  18. Naane Belaku says:

    Lage raho Cyriac Bhai

  19. Nirvana says:

    Keep up the good work. Karat you can go to hell

  20. nayan says:

    Waste article

  21. zulu says:

    absolute laugh riot

  22. vik says:

    Let me have the pleasure of adding another one to an already superb collection…CK Daphtari, who was the Adv General of Bombay then, was supposed to commence arguments on behalf of the State, defending the prohibition Act which was just introduced..Daphtari, who was known to be of a fairly bibulous nature opened his submissions by stating as follows – “My lords, I am of the firm belief that a Republic without a pub is merely a relic. Hence, may I request my the extremely competent Mr HM Seervai to lead the arguments”. And he left the Court hall. Now that’s classy

  23. Neetu says:

    the jokes by CJ are in very bad taste! However three cheers to Jethmalani for his answer, was really cool!!

  24. Vrksha says:

    nice to enjoy these jokes…..but, the source of these jokes is worrying….a CJ…!

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