Andy Lobo won’t be Justice Lobo

By Devil’s Advocate 

It was a day of mixed reactions. Some were elated while others unhappy. The coveted list of names of those who would become judges as out and five men had made it. However let us spare a thought for Mr. Andy Lobo, who was in the race through out but was left out at the last minute.


A N Venugopal Gowda: He has been a government advocate for the past one and half years now. Appears before the Chief Justice and has decent knowledge of the law. A no- nonsense man and has the right temperament for a judge. Only drawback is that he is bit suspicious which may not go down too well with advocates.

Ravi B Malimath: Son of former Chief Justice of both the Karnataka and Kerala High Courts. Plenty of style but a bit reserved. Knowledge of the law could be debated. Inside story is that his name got the clearance after a lot of resistance. Chief Justice of India finally gave the stamp of approval while stating, “when I was judge in the Kerala High Court, his father was chief justice. So how can I reject him?”

Narayanswamy: Lucrative career as advocate. Extremely reserved and was in the race since day one. Comes across as a very stern man and gives an impression that he cannot smile. Could make a good judge.

A Pachapure: Rose from the dust. Was the special judge trying the J Jayalalithaa disproportionate assets case before becoming Registrar General. An absolute gentleman with a no-nonsense attitude. A master in the trial courts. Experience as Registrar General would help him adapt sooner to the writ side.

Arali Nagraj: The less said the better. Amazing PR skills. His promotion as District and Sessions judge was delayed thanks to complaints against him. His elevation as High Court judge too had run into troubled waters several times due to similar reasons. Wonder of wonders, he made it.

Andy Lobo: A bachelor with plenty of monetary backing. Great knowledge of the law. However one Supreme Court judge is alleged to have shot his elevation down. The grounds being that his mannerisms are bit weird and would not have the right temperament as a judge. The saddest part is that during a recent interaction, he was told by the Chief Justice that his name being shot down was only a rumour.

Daughter of former Chief Justice of India, E Venkatramaiah. The reason why her elevation did not come through this time was because she had not completed 45 years of age. The Supreme Court says that only if the advocate is extraordinary that he/she shall be appointed even if he/she is below the age of 45.




14 Responses to Andy Lobo won’t be Justice Lobo

  1. Naane Belaku says:

    How can the author assess these people? does he know them or has he worked with them

  2. machine says:

    Is there so much politics when it comes to judges appointment. It is actually quite shocking. The judiciary is going from bad to worse

  3. nayan says:

    madness. The appointments are sick. I know all these people and none barrng pachapure are fit to be elevated

  4. Karat says:

    people cook up stories because they are jealous. I agree lobos elevation not coming through was sad

  5. joe says:

    shocking facts about what happens behind the scenes

  6. boby says:

    great piece. There was a lot of confusion on the corridor of the court. Now it is clear

  7. matu says:

    hey bobby how does it concern you man. Are u a lawyer

  8. Naane Belaku says:

    How does all this concern the author

  9. Sinha says:

    Hey naane belaku. Do you have a problem. If there is a problem, then dont read

  10. hangman says:

    Seems as though are a lot of hidden factors behind elevations. The author says quite a lot about it. However the author should have explained more and given more juice

  11. poppy says:

    what desperation to become judges.

  12. neetu says:

    Hey this is terrible, pure injustice in the hall of Justice I would say!

  13. navkesh batra says:

    Many a times all virtues are replaced by foul mouths, swollen heads, pot bellies and bulging deep pockets. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  14. Ameena says:

    Only wish Andy Lobo was Randy Lobo then he would have made it

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