By Devil’s Advocate

It was a shocking day at the Bar Council. Rajendra Desai, the chairman of the State Bar Council is a confused man. At a press conference he blurted out that the resolution of the Bar Council to boycott all functions of the Chief Justice stands and hence there is no question of attending the June 20 programme in which the Chief Justice of India is scheduled to participate. This is because the Chief Justice of Karnataka Justice Cyriac Joseph would be taking part.

The press men lapped up this news and promptly the same was carried in almost all newspapers barring a couple of newspapers. The names I would not mention here, because that is not the issue.

The next day that is the 15th day of June 2007, Mr. Desai calls a few members of the press and denies having issued the statement. Shocked as the press men stood, Mr. Desai insisted that a clarification be carried out. The clarification read, “I never issued any such statement.” Mr. Desai, it is a known fact that you requested the press not to highlight the boycott issue and give prominence to another issue regarding the assault on advocates more prominence. Well to remind you- you call a press conference. You needed a favour as your voice had to be heard. Now it is the prerogative of the press to lap up what it likes.

Alright let us not get too deep into the issue regarding the powers of the press. The issue here is regarding taking a stand and not back tracking on it. It shows you in very bad light and in future no press man or even members of your advocate fraternity are going to believe you.

Well now as a Chairman of the Bar Council and being a constitutional authority you answer the following questions.

1) What are you trying to achieve?

2) Is there pressure on you from the judges to do an about turn on your own statements?

3) Why were carrying the press release along with the rejoinder into Justice S R Bannur Math’s chamber?

4) Does the Bar Council chairman have to report to the judges?

5) You talk about cordial relationship with the Bench. But three attempts by you to make peace have fallen flat on your face? So what next?


These questions will pretty much tell the tale? There have been several attempts to make peace with the judges on part of the Bar Council. However they did not seem to care. Why now the sudden concern? Let me assure you Mr. Rajendra Desai, this concern is only temporary because they want to see of the CJI’s visit peacefully. Have you forgotten what happened at the time of the Golden Jubilee celebrations? You were used and then thrown. Sorry to make it sound so derogatory. But men who do not stand by their word deserve such a comment, if not more.



10 Responses to Chameleon

  1. zulu says:

    what a chameleon

  2. Karat says:

    I say man, this guy desai needs to be thrown out

  3. Sinha says:

    do such people really exist. I mean sitting in such an important post, instead of taking up the cause of the advocates, he seems to be sucking up to the judges

  4. sal says:

    He is tryng to improve things between the two most important wings of democracy. Give him a chance.

  5. bootlegger says:

    Desai what do you want in life man. This is no way to behave, I am a young advocate myself and with a chairman like you, i dont feel safe

  6. legalblogger says:

    Does the reporter have anything personal against Mr desai or is he really so bad. The press deserves it for trying to sensationalise matters.

  7. sunny says:

    hey legal blogger he question here is not personal vendetta. It is about keeping your word which Desai has not done

  8. neetu says:

    What a hypocrite! Its good to see such things come oout in the open…well done!

  9. Vrksha says:

    well, Mr.Desai really seems to be a chameleon….if he dont know how to keep his words…thn he deserves a seat in opposite building( kallu building- VIDHANASOUDHA). i guess he is trying for it. for tht matter, Mr.Reddy was a powerfull man in his chair during his term. Mr.Desai should take lessons frm Mr.Reddy i feel.

  10. Suresh says:

    Desai ..
    Go back Home!!

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