The Saree Code

By Devil’s Advocate

Well well well. What is this we hear now? Pleasing the Lords at the courts is not a new phenomenon. But what about pleasing My Ladies?

Well some advocates in the Karnataka High Court are under the impression that the way to a judge’s heart is through the wife. After all if the lady of the house is happy, then it is presumed that the man is happy too.

Here is the story of an advocate who did something quite extraordinary to please the lady of the house. This advocate had constructed a house and he thought he was duty bound to go to each judge’s house and invite them over personally.

So after consulting his astrologers as to which day would be auspicious, the advocate set out with the invitations. Along with the invitations, he took along with him a silk sari worth around Rs 10,000. House to house he went and gifted each of the judge’s wives a sari. Well the rumour is all the ladies accepted the sari barring one.

The ladies sure were a happy lot and so were the judges. Well without casting any motives, the news now is that this man is among those advocates whose name is on the coveted list.

Think about it


11 Responses to The Saree Code

  1. poppy says:

    who is this crazy person, he must be real desperate. well what ever he has done, he has no self respect

  2. king says:

    I swear he is real cheap

  3. Karat says:

    Author author tell us the name of this person

  4. hilal says:

    Spare the poor guy. Everyone has to suck up to reach the top

  5. good bay bad boy says:

    stupid write up. give us more serious stuff and enough of the gossip. dont you have anything to write about the law

  6. bootlegger says:

    The author says without casting any motives. Well whether u do or not, the message is loud and clear. The saree man is desperate

  7. JV says:

    Wow i wish I was a judge’s wife

  8. Teto says:

    Forget the money spent,I must appreciate the patience of the man

  9. WellKnown says:

    Great write up shows the advocate in very poor light

  10. navkesh batra says:

    Aah the alluring sari … in the box. But, such stories are hard to believe and, to be credible, must carry the name of the Advocate who played Santa Claus, names of the Judges whose wives accepted the saris and the name of the Judge whose wife refused Santa’s bounty and the reason – she did’nt like the colour of the sari or it was’nt expensive enough ?

  11. Rimi says:

    It would have been really good to read the names of these judges and their pathetic wives….Not bad for the advocate, he must have good taste, to have pleased so many wives!!!

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