Justice for all-Please help the needy

By Devil’s Advocate

All of us agree that the Judges are all powerful and can do what they please. Day in and day out we discuss on the corridors of the courts that there is a need to make judges accountable. The question is who will bell the cat?

Talking about accountability, let us now shift focus the litigation pertaining to the derecognized schools. This matter is hanging in balance for quite some time in appeal before the court of the Chief Justice of the Karnataka High Court. Not only does the matter hang in balance, but also the fate of the 1000s of students and along with them their parents.

Before we proceed let us get an insight into what the matter is really about. Over 2500 schools in Karnataka were given admission on the condition that education shall be imparted in the local language Kannada. An undertaking to this effect was given by the managements, but they ended up violating it following which the schools were derecognized. The single judge bench upheld the derecognition following which the managements came up in appeal.

The matter first came up last week before the Division Bench. The Chief Justice observed that the Bench was inclined not to rule in favour of the managements as they had violated the undertaking. Chief Justice Cyriac Joseph was however loud and clear about one aspect and that was regarding the fate of the children. He said that the primary concern of the court was the students. Saying so he adjourned hearing on the matter to Friday the 15th of June. At 10.40 AM, the Chief canceled sitting. Although no reasons were assigned, it is reliably learnt that his daughter was unwell. Fair enough. The only problem was that the Cabinet which was awaiting a decision before proceeding further on the issue had to be postponed. Students awaiting admission had to wait until Monday for a final decision from the court. Barring this there were no other problems.

Then came Monday. The attention shifted to the court of the Chief Justice. Mid way through the proceedings, he canceled sitting. This time it is reliably learnt that it was due to a bad back.

The key question is whether the fate of 1000s has to hang in balance due to the problems of one man. None of us blames the Chief Justice because he did have a genuine problem. But where is the concern? The matter is not part heard. It could have been posted before another Bench taking into account the urgency involved in it.

The new rules of the High Court state that lawyers seeking adjournments will be pulled up. Why doesn’t this rule apply to the judges? Do litigants and lawyers have to stand helplessly if judges just walk out of their courts?

This is precisely why judges ought to be held accountable. Great powers may be conferred on the judges, but the fact remains that the court belongs to the litigants. If it does not serve the litigants who are made to wait endlessly, then why have a court at all?

Duty before Self and Justice for all-Real and Speedy. Well My Lords don’t just say it, learn to or atleast try and practice it.



14 Responses to Justice for all-Please help the needy

  1. crazy guy says:

    Arent judges accountable. If not what is happening to this country. I thought it was democracy

  2. good bay bad boy says:

    I really pity those students and their parents, first of all for no fault of theirs they suffer. And now the court plays the fool. it is really sad that the judges cannot be held accountable. I wish they could becuase it is the need of the hour

  3. halem says:

    It is a long pending issue which needs to be addressed at the earliest. Accountability of judges. They act as though they are doing the litigant a favour. Well My Lords, u must realise that u are there to serve the people. Duty before self should be the spirit

  4. vinay says:

    One hand the author says that the Chief had a genuine problem and on the other, he says that it was wrong on his part. Well Mr Devils advocate what are u trying to prove

  5. santu says:

    for heavens sake give the CJ a break. Everything he does is found fault with. He is a human being too

  6. james says:

    Hey santu, are u related to the chief?Why so much sympathy. I have seen the CJ and his mannerisms in the court. Unless he is controlled, he is beyond control

  7. legalblogger says:

    I feel that the first thing the judges need is accountability. The reason why they were not made accountable is because people were casting motives against their judgments. I still feel that the judgment part of it should be left out of the accountability issue. Their judgments can always be scrutinised in appeal. However there is a need for accountability when it comes to timings, adjournments and ofcourse the latest menace, oral observations. If they are made accountable for such issues, then I am sure the judiciary would be a better place.

  8. Naane Belaku says:

    I thought the CJ was only known for cracking his jokes. Never knew that he made a joke out of his cases too

  9. poppy says:

    Gues the CJ should be singing in court, ” you dont need no education

  10. sunny says:

    This CJ needs to be transferred

  11. Nirvana says:

    Why does this CJ get into so many problems. I think it was very sad what he did to the kids

  12. ganesh says:

    Spare a thought for the children and the parents, they must be under such tension, the cj should have alloted the matter to some other bench. He can not get up and leave as per his whims and fancies

  13. Ritu says:

    Its is a sad state of affairs! People need to take some action to stop this…

  14. Vrksha says:

    It is high time CJ does something….being a leader, if he behaves in this manner, then what can we expect out of his fellow judges? Oh, Jesus….give cyriac a break.

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