Nothing is Impossible & Impossible is Nothing

By Devil’s Advocate

There is nothing new about the rise in cost of litigation in our country. When this being the case, here is a story of a man who not only did his law to fight his own case, but even won it in the end.

M S Devraj, a resident of Bangalore had lost everything when his saree manufacturing at Doddaballapur, Karnataka unit was seized by the Karnataka State Financing Corporation (KSFC). He was running this unit since 1978 and he claims that the seizure was a case of mistaken identity.

Devraj’s case was that the unit being run next to his was financed by the KSFC and since his neighbour was a defaulter, recovery proceedings had been initiated. On January 2 1988, the KSFC officials seized the unit and along with the unit belonging to Devraj.

Devraj ran from pillar to post trying to explain that by mistake his unit too had been seized by the officials. The officials were however in no mood to listen and senior official even told Devraj that his men could do no wrong.

Through his advocate, he filed a case before the civil court in Bangalore. The civil court rejected his application, following which he took the matter in appeal before the High Court. After three years of legal battle, Devraj realised that he could not afford an advocate anymore.

That is when he enrolled himself in the Sri Jagadguru Renukacharya College of Law in Bangalore. The case in the High Court was adjourned several times and for three years there was no progress. In 1994, he completed law and then decided that he would take up the case himself.

He returned to the High Court and the battle began. In the year 1997, the High Court delivered its verdict while holding that the seizure was a barbarous act. The High Court also directed the civil court to conduct an inquiry into the entire episode.

On July 15 1997, the civil court directed the KSFC to return possession of the unit within 15 days. However the KSFC decided to take the matter in appeal but their attempt was unsuccessful and the High Court rejected their appeal.

Devraj then decided that he would file a suit seeking compensation for the agony and mental trauma he had undergone. He also claimed damages for the loss of income. The Civil Judge, Senior Division while allowing Devraj’s case directed the KSFC to pay compensation of Rs 43,63,000.

Devraj now 58 years old says that the legal battle which commenced in 1988 had finally ended. He said that he was unable to afford the advocate fees and hence decided to do his law. During the years of legal battle, all the time was spent in reading citations and drafting petitions. He also says that it was his family which supported him at the time of crisis and even his food and clothing was provided by his sister, who works as a lecturer in a college in Bangalore. Devraj says that nothing is impossible as long as one is committed. He says that he intends setting up a bigger law firm and says that he would dedicate the rest of life in imparting legal education to the needy.


32 Responses to Nothing is Impossible & Impossible is Nothing

  1. mahesh says:

    Great stuff, way to go Mr Devraj

  2. sainath says:

    What an achievement

  3. ronit says:

    A great story, gives so much inspiration

  4. Irvin says:

    Great job, well done Devraj

  5. chicko says:

    Simply commendable job

  6. ganesh says:

    Lawyers better watch out

  7. krish says:

    The story gave me a high. Simply inspirational

  8. lol says:

    There is so much drama. Do such things happen in real life

  9. big cat says:

    Three cheers for Devraj He is a true role model

  10. Legal Eagle says:

    A battle so well fought. Commitment, perseverence and great amount of will power. This is how I would describe the man

  11. John Doe says:

    Guess all of us should follow in his foot steps. Discard the lawyer and battle our own cases

  12. jindal says:


  13. justice man says:

    This is what I call achievement. Kudos

  14. raman says:

    Well Mr Devraj I have only respect for you

  15. Vaish says:

    What will you do with the money

  16. Orange says:

    Keep it up.

  17. Himesh says:

    Wish there were more such people

  18. Ram says:

    What a battle. The KSFC deserve it

  19. Tarun says:

    What were the KSFC trying in the first place. Three cheers for the judge who passed the order. He realised what the entire case was all about and justice was done. Great work Devraj. Only appreciation for you

  20. good boy bad boy says:

    This guy rocks

  21. man machine says:

    Simply superb. What a battle. A true success story

  22. munna bhai says:

    Is this story true. well if it is then it is great

  23. Manjunath says:

    Where can i contact this person. I really want to meet him

  24. Farid says:

    Great story. Wonderful achievement

  25. lenin says:

    Mr Devraj, you are the best

  26. jacob says:

    If you do it do it the Devraj way

  27. rauf says:

    Commendable. A role model and a real inspiration

  28. sheela says:

    What Devraj tells us is that nothing is impossible. I can understand what he must have gone through. First of all a false case and then litigation cost and finally the case being dragged. What matters is that he won and won well

  29. shammi says:

    A great feat

  30. Vrksha says:

    Well, Mr.Devraj is real role model…keep it up. it should be a lesson for all. he really deserves the win.

  31. Vrksha says:

    Well, Mr.Devraj really deserves winning his legal battle. he shud b a rolemodel for all.

  32. Sheetal says:

    Truly commendable…The dedication and committment is admirable!

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