Bite the bait, you need it My Lord

By Devil’s Advocate

When was the last time a judge disposed of all the cases posted before him? The answer is 1970 and that was the last time a judge was awarded the white glove by the bar and the registry. What is a White Glove? A pair of white gloves is given by the bar and the registry of the court together when a judge disposes all the cases which are before him.

The white glove is presented at a grand function, orgainsed jointly by the bar and the bench. Introduced by the British, the system prevails in the Indian judiciary till date. Legal experts say that this is a way of telling the people the judge has clean hands.

However, this system is applicable only to the sessions judges and not judges of the higher courts. The glove will be presented on the first working day of the year. The criteria is that the judge hears only a fresh case filed in the New Year and not the ones registered in the previous years.

In Karnataka, only two judges have received the white glove so far. Justice Sabhahit and Justice Narayan Kudur received the glove when they were sessions judges. Both these judges were later elevated to the Karnataka High Court. Justice Sabhahit received the glove in 1970 while Justice Kudur got it two years before that.

Now will the Bar Council push for this system to be re-introduced? Will the judges ever want it back? This is the million dollar question. Well I personally feel that this is absolutely necessary. The judges have to bite the bait at some point of time.


25 Responses to Bite the bait, you need it My Lord

  1. shammi says:

    Its time the white glove is brought back into the judiciary

  2. Vaish says:

    Thanks for the information, never knew about the existence

  3. KRV says:

    Its better it is reintroduced. The judges sure need a bait to bite

  4. Lali says:

    Great story. Very informative

  5. ganesh says:

    Good that this system does not exist anymore. Judges would go to any extent to dispose of cases and win the glove

  6. virat says:

    Good story

  7. sunny says:

    Give us more stories that help the litigants. There is too much spice on the blog

  8. suman says:

    not interesting at all

  9. samrat says:

    Interesting article

  10. tatto says:

    Superb. Where did you manage to get this information

  11. Tarun says:

    What does it matter. It is the mindset that counts ultimately. Do judges need to bite the bait to dispose of cases. Sad that it even existed. No sense of duty is it

  12. manny says:

    This is good stuff. Come on and give the judges the bait. They have to bite it

  13. Legal Eagle says:

    Thank god this system stopped. It sounds more of a system for nursery kids

  14. Orange says:

    I guess it is time to give the judges an incentive. I feel that this is necessary because they would not work otherwise

  15. raman says:

    Why a white glove, let us give them pants, shirts etc etc if they promise to dispose the cases on time

  16. dcosta says:

    I completely agree with Raman. I dont mind giving them more. Say for example a room at a resort also

  17. good boy bad boy says:

    Well said Dcosta

  18. hilal says:

    Good one dcosta. The issue is pretty much dead but needs to be revoked

  19. subby says:

    Why are talking about resorts

  20. killer says:

    Dont you know.Well then you are pretty dumb. The resort issue rocked the country

  21. Lord Hutton says:

    Hey lets stop diverting the subject. The issue is not the resort. It is about an incentive for disposing of cases

  22. ladybird says:

    I feel that the white glove ought to be brought back

  23. Naane Belaku says:

    How does the white glove look

  24. Vrksha says:

    well, nice article…i feel the glove system shd b brought back atleast for the sake of litigants.

  25. Sheetal says:

    This is somethinh I’d never heard will definitely be a good idea as the process will speed up in the courts.

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