Does Justice Reddy need a language policy?

Ram Mohan Reddy

Oral observations are in and written orders almost out. This unfortunately is not a trend that we could feel happy about. Sometimes a strong observation does the trick but on several occasions it only ends up ruining the case in toto.

Mandamus226 had recently posted an article discussing the manner in which some of the judges spoke in open court. However let us be specific and talk about Justice Ram Mohan Reddy who has this habit of shooting his hat every time he hears a case.

Here are some observations. You decide for yourself whether such comments are necessary or not. Let me tell you something. The best judges are the one’s who spoke less and wrote more. For example Mr. Justice M N Venkatachalaiah.

NGEF liquidation proceedings before Justice Ram Mohan Reddy: The site on which NGEF is situated was put on auction. Counsel for the highest bidder stood up to argue his case. Justice Reddy remarked- “you are nothing but a land shark. Sit down.”

NGEF liquidation proceedings before Justice Ram Mohan Reddy: State Bank of Mysore which is due close to Rs 80 crore from the government is also a party in this litigation. The argument by SBM is that if the land is auctioned, then Rs 80 crore should be returned by the government from the money it gets from the auction. When the counsel for SMB stood up to make his submission, Justice Reddy shot back, “you are an ordinary money lender. Sit down.”

 Matter relating to election to local bodies: Justice Reddy sought to know why the reservation list was not drawn out. The government advocate tried justifying the delay. Justice Reddy then shouted back, “it is a Tughlak durbar over there in your government.”

Diamond district matter: Justice Reddy sought to know why some of the officials had not been punished. As usual the government advocate tried explaining. To this Justice Reddy remarked, “ the officers are bandicoots.”

Think about it.



38 Responses to Does Justice Reddy need a language policy?

  1. Naane Belaku says:

    Some arrogance. He sure needs to be controlled. It seems as though matters are only getting worse at his court

  2. sita says:

    Bandicoot. Not a word to be used on the Bench. He thinks he is too smart

  3. hangman says:

    Entertaining piece. I pity the lawyer on the receiving end

  4. ganesh says:

    bandicoot. What is wrong with this judge

  5. Ram says:

    SBM a money lender. Either the judge does not know what SBM is or does not know what a money lender is. Either ways he does not know

  6. ashokd says:

    Land shark. I like that word

  7. tinku says:

    In the earlier piece on oral observations there was a discussion regarding video cams in courts. Guess it is high time the system is introduced

  8. bosky says:

    Hey tinku i agree with u dude

  9. romi says:

    Video cams, ha, bet the judges don’t have the guts to install one

  10. jatin says:

    Can’t anyone complain

  11. tinku says:

    whom do you complain to

  12. Vaish says:

    complain ok but who will listen. what is the use, do u realise how powerful these judges are

  13. John Doe says:

    The party could complain to the chief justice

  14. good boy bad boy says:

    Who CJ. Cyriac? I was thinking of complaining against him. Reddy is better than CJ. Reddy reeks of arrogance while the CJ reeks of filth when he talks

  15. rani says:

    I completely agree with the good boy bad boy.

  16. ratan says:

    I know who can control Justice Reddy. HIS WIFE

  17. elango says:

    Yes the wife is the best person to control him

  18. yatish says:

    Well I feel some advocate should shout back at him. What can he do then

  19. manya says:

    Yes the lawyers should be tough

  20. sal says:

    Shout back. Ha. At the risk of losing the case is it

  21. dcosta says:

    thats so true. no advocate has the guts to shout back

  22. qview says:

    Just ignore what Reddy says and go on with the case

  23. sainath says:

    Ok now Reddy is on the chopping board in this blog. What is the author trying to do? Why can’t u publish the nicer things in the judiciary. I am sure that there are better things happening

  24. HRV says:

    Wonderful piece. Well compiled and says a lot about the arrogance in the judiciary

  25. Ninja says:

    nice write up. I feel that judges should control their tongues

  26. desai says:

    go reddy go. i mean go home

  27. Lali says:

    I support u desai. lets get together and send him home

  28. fantom says:

    It is time I guess to put an end to judicial terrorism. Enough and more has been spoken. Guess it is time for the Bar to stand united and act

  29. garam masala says:

    Reddy saab control karo yaar

  30. Karat says:

    i fully support Justice Reddy. How else do u get the work done. some amount of fear has to be there in the minds of these officials

  31. ladybird says:

    I support Karat’s views on this. Some amount of fear is necessary. Has anyone heard the manner in which the officials talk in their offices. well if have not then listen, Justice Reddy is like an angel compared to them

  32. tom says:

    I agree. Judicial terrorism is needed

  33. yoyo says:

    Justice Reddy has guts. Kudos

  34. Nisha says:

    Well..his comments are interesting, about the clients !! I pity the advocates though.

  35. Vrksha says:

    well, its time to install CCTVs in court halls too…but, problem is..who will bell the cat.

  36. Sunil says:

    Oversmart judge

  37. Ramani says:

    The Judge knows best.
    An approach has to be tailored to the occasion.
    No pain no gain.
    If this is what it takes to get the best outcome then, we have to work with our Judges.

  38. Goldbuddings says:

    Ram Mohan Rddy is young and inexperienced. Forgive him his ego and know all attitude. He will improve. But why is he fingering small people like the workmen who are starving for 10 years? Why should the banks suffer? Dont they have any rights? Will someone advise him quickly? someone should. And why a special affection for Uday and his Hollagiri? Uday only wants to swallow the land and give it to his political masters. that is obvious. Jai Karnataka!

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